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Take a "scroll" through our resort and see all we have to offer. For more than a century, Arnesen's has been a top Minnesota family-friendly resort. Great fishing and a relaxing vacation on Lake of the Woods await!


Did you know there are one million acres in Lake of the Woods? We’re proud to be located in an ideal spot on this vast lake.  Within 10 minutes of travel time from our marina, you’ll find:

  • trophy-sized walleyes
  • northern pike
  • saugers
  • perch

You can pursue fish by the famous Lake of the Woods reefs that are located right out of our marina, Archie's Reef, Arnesen's Reef, 12-Mile Reef and Gull Rock Reef.  We also have a fleet of modern charter boats, which are equipped with depth finders, global positioning systems and downriggers.  Our captains are experienced, licensed by the United States Coast Guard, and are experts at a variety of fishing methods like drifting and trolling with spinners, jig fishing, bobber fishing and downrigging.

Enjoy the ultimate experience in ice fishing. Our customers are comfortably transported to our heated fish houses with brand new, state-of-the-art track vehicles that are equipped with positive floatation and global positioning systems.  Our experienced guides use the LakeMaster MCC GPS chip to position the fish houses on exactly the right spot. Arnesen's Rocky Point is located next to a wide variety of bottom structure and the winter guides move the fish houses constantly to keep our customers on fish.

Fish houses are heated with safe and convenient gas wall units with two holes available per person. With the fishhouses, all the bait is included. You are responsible for your own tackle and poles. We also have sleeper fish houses for those that don't want to leave the ice!

Fish houses are located on numerous rock reefs and surrounding flats. These areas support such game fish species as: Walleye, Sauger, Perch and Northerns. Due to water clarity, the best fishing is from dawn to dusk. Lake of the Woods offers to its fishermen generous limits of Walleye and Sauger. The season runs until mid-April.

Check our blog for the updated fishing report!


Arnesen's Rocky Point has the largest protected marina on the south shore of Lake of the Woods.  Fuel, bait, and overnight docking are available. Visit our sandy beach for some off-boat recreation with the family.


Relax in one of our comfortable lodging options. Our housekeeping cabins have complete kitchens with utensils, satellite television, BBQ grills, picnic tables, linens, and other conveniences. The cabins range in size from one to four bedrooms.  We also have seasonal lots and a large campground.


Enjoy lakeside dining at Rock Harbor Lodge.

Rock Harbor Lodge offers our guests a quality dining experience along with a spectacular view of the lake. Tasty walleye specialties complement our full menu and daily specials. In the mood for a steak or seafood? How about a sandwich or soup? We have a variety of dining choices available for you.

After your meal, stop by the comfortable full-service bar and tell us about your fishing adventures. We are always ready to listen!


Lake of the Woods County is a sportsman's paradise!

Over 70% of Lake of the Woods County is publicly owned and is open to public hunting. Waterfowl, deer, and ruffed grouse numbers are excellent in our area. There are miles of undeveloped shorelines and weed beds south of the resort. These areas hold large numbers of mallards, teals, bluebills, and Canadian geese.


The Arnesen family has inhabited Rocky Point, Minnesota since the site was homesteaded in 1897 by Bernhard Arnesen. Bernhard was soon joined by his wife Agnes and his parents Berent and Kristine. The primary occupation of the family was commercial fishing. The family fished with sail-powered boats and pound nets for sturgeon. The roe was processed into caviar on location and then picked up by steam-powered boats that would transport it north to Kenora, Ontario. From there, a rail link shipped the caviar to the eastern fish markets. Unfortunately the sturgeon population became over-fished and the market for this fish crashed.  

With the decline of the sturgeon, the family switched species and gear and began fishing for walleyes with gill nets in the fall and summer.  During the winter, they pursued burbots using fyke nets   Eventually they developed ways to use gill nets under the ice by using a machine called a jigger board to run a line that was used to pull the gill net behind.

Danger was a constant element the family faced.  Two of Bernhard's brothers, Benjamin and Canrad Arnesen, and two of his and Agnes' sons, Harold and Arthur Arnesen, all drowned on the lake at a young age.  Another son, Bernie, was severely injured by a sail boom and died tragically young as well.  Agnes was horribly burned trying to rescue two daughters, Grace and Clara, from a house fire. Unfortunately, she failed and the two young girls perished in the fire.  Another son of Berent and Kristine's, John, died in a hunting accident.

Although commercial fishing was dangerous, it was an excellent source of wealth and an occupation that one could pursue in Northern Minnesota in the late 1800's and throughout most of the 1900's.  It was commercial fishing, and a lot of hard work, that allowed the family to prosper and stay in the area.  The family fished continuously until 1984, when the state of Minnesota decided to manage Lake of the Woods as a sport fishery instead of a commercial fishery. After 87 years, commercial fishing at Arnesen's Rocky Point ceased.

It was at this time the family’s focus shifted towards developing the resort.  Agnes had already begun renting cabins and boats and operated a small store in the 1930s. She also had a post office, which is why you will find Arnesen on the Minnesota highway map. By 1984, the resort had half a dozen cabins, a small convenience store, campground, and mobile home park.

Today, after more than one hundred years, the family now in its sixth generation continues to provide a quality fishing and resort experience on Lake of the Woods.  The once decimated sturgeon population has been replenished and is abundant again.  The resort aspect of Rocky Point has been expanded extensively to include our Rock Harbor Lodge, thirty rental units, a two hundred unit mobile home park, and what is probably one of the world's largest ice fishing operations with a whole fleet of track vehicles.

While much of the early history of Arnesen's Rocky Point revolved around tragedy and hardship, there is much to celebrate as well. Without commercial fishing, there wouldn’t be the Arnesen's Rocky Point that thousands of people enjoy annually today. We hope that you found this interesting and look forward to celebrating another one hundred years of Arnesen history at Rocky Point with you.



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